Tips Should To Know Mount Bromo Tour Package

Tips Should To Know Mount Bromo Tour Package . To have a fun and safe trip, a complete preparation is definitely needed. Choosing the right Bromo tour package is not enough. There are many things to be prepared such as money, clothes, and other supplementary tools. Unexpected things may happen during the tour. Follow these survival tips to be a well-prepared tourist in Bromo. For pre-departure tips, you need to check Bromo’s activity status. It will be so less fun if in the day of your arrival there is an eruption or any harmful activity from the mountain. If the status is okay, decide the route. There are many routes to reach Bromo for example Probolinggo route and Malang route. Make sure to choose a different route between departure and going home route, because a different route could give a different natural view.

Tips Should To Know Mount Bromo Tour Package

Bromo Tour Tips

While you have arrived in an area around Bromo, follow these tips. Firstly, prepare cash money. Don’t you ever think to draw your money in an ATM while you are in Bromo. The nearest ATM is in Probolinggo regency. Prepare right and sufficient clothes, temperature in Bromo is so low and wind blows strongly. Warm clothes, jackets, shawls, socks, cloves, hats, boots, sunglasses and masks could be very useful there. They are not included in a bromo tour package by tour agents. Other than clothes, medicine and first aid kit may be useful. In case you have cold allergic or any disease, don’t forget to bring the medicine. Sunblock or sunscreen also could protect you skin.

Food and mineral water support your trip. Hiking up can be dehydrating, preparing food and drink could totally save the money. Last but not least, prepare your best camera. Golden sunrise is a rare phenomenon that could happen once in lifetime. Capturing the sunrise will totally complete your surabaya bromo tour.

Location And Best Route Mount Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjuani is one of the still active volcanoes in Indonesia, although classified as a mountain of Mount Rinjani actives this became one of the favorite mountain for the adventurers and nature lovers to make the climb. With a height of about 3,726 meters above sea level makes this mountain makes Mount Rinjani as the second highest active mountain in Indonesia. one of the reasons why many people make mountain Rinjani as a favorite place of climbing is because this mountain is in the area of ​​Mount Rinjani Trekking National Park so that its natural preservation is well preserved both in terms of flora and fauna in terms of fauna.

In addition to the peak rinjani this mountain has another attraction of the lake it has. The natural lake will flow to form a very beautiful waterfall in Mount Rinjani National Park. Therefore it is no wonder if this mountain is never empty of visitors, especially in the middle of the year. Most climbers take the route through Sembalun, this route becomes a favorite route because the terrain is quite easy, not too steep and has a fairly long route. So the climbers will be more satisfied in the climb. In addition to those of you who prefer the challenge is still available another more extreme route that is Senaru route where you will pass so many inclines and extreme terrain.

But it will help with cooler weather because you will go through a very shady forest path. To reach this mountain lips you need about 7 hours either from Sembalun route or from Senaru route. Meanwhile, to reach the lake from the lips of your mountain takes about 2 hours. Around the lake you can camp, fishing, soaking in hot springs and doing other activities that are not less exciting. If you want to reach the peak you need to prepare extra safety equipment because the terrain there will be more extreme than the previous climbing path that you have passed.